Public speaking

Building delicious forms - Ember London January 2017

Web a11y - Ember SF meetup May 2016

Web a11y recording on youtube


Ember a11y - EmberConf March 2016

Ember a11y EmberConf recording on youtube

Visualising data the Ember way with E3 - August, September 2015

E3 recording on vimeo
E3 lightning talk on youtube

Mocking WebSockets in Ember - June 2015

Mocking WebSockets in Emebr recording on youtube

Interview on open source code

Interview about open source code as part of a podcast series about openness at the University of Oxford and beyond.

Blocks in Ruby - August 2014

Slides from Oxford Ruby User Group Meetup.

Introduction to Git - February 2014

Slides from University of Oxford IT Services session.


I co-author a blog for news in the Ember.js community called with Fabian Becker. We cover latest best practices, new addons and advice for upgrading to the latest version of Ember.js.

Public profiles

See my Github and npm profiles for open source contributions.

I tweet from @binhums.

I listen to music at Bandcamp.